MAPS International High

Providing quality, reliable and affordable higher secondary education in the Maldives with over 12 years of experience in the field.

MAPS International High website:

MAPS International High is an establishment of MAPS Maldives Private Limited, which is owned by FALIM Group Private Limited.

MAPS International High was established with the aim of providing quality higher education on par with international standards. It is an approved and recognized campus by Edexcel the leading body of internationally recognized qualifications. Unlike other higher secondary schools in the Maldives, MAPS International High does not offer students just the opportunity to complete their A Levels. What they offer is “More than just an A Level”. Based on the Junior College concept MAPS International High aim to provide academic, vocational and professional education to our students in their two-year higher secondary education.

  • Students' in Library
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The School also ensures that students who complete their A Levels from MAPS International High have gained the necessary competencies, skills and experience to be “Ready for Work” when they finish school. This is extremely important because it simply offers more options for A Level completed students to further their education or begin their career.

Though MAPS International High is relatively young institution, it is continuously looking at ways to improve and expand the services offered to it students. The School is always open for interested investors to become part of this vital service which contributes greatly to the national development of the Maldives.