FALIM Customer Support Policy

As a fast-growth company we are determined to focus very much on the quality of our service to distinguish ourselves from the rest of the businesses. We strive to make all possible efforts to talk to our customers to determine what is important to them and how they can further add value to our business. As a smart company we strive to be an extension of our customers and foster more loyal buyers who will not prefer to buy from elsewhere.

We look forward to achieve the following benefits so as to serve our valued customers better day after day:

Minimize stress
By having a systematic way of dealing with our customers directly, especially unhappy ones, we work hard to reduce any possible stress on our services or staff.

Higher Efficiencies
By trying to focus on areas that directly affect customer satisfaction we tend to use our resources more efficiently by identifying the most important areas.

Increased morale and satisfaction
By having a set guideline that “all Customer support and sales staff must exceed our customer’s expectations and thus should end up delighting our customers, we are modestly optimistic that we would receive a positive feedback from our customers that can go a long way to give its share of job satisfaction to the management and staff alike.