CSR Programme

FALIM is perhaps among the few companies in the Maldives that consistently spends on community development. The FALIM CSR programme conducts annual donations to the community for a planned, specific purpose.

Service to Thalassaemia Children

Prominent among the contributions made to the society is the dedication of a website for Thalassaemia patients in the Maldives at a time when awareness about Thalassaemia was less within the community. The purpose of the website, which was known as the maldivesbloodline.com was to create awareness about Thalassaemia and to connect parents of Thalassaemic children with blood donors when they are needed most. The website was able to get several hundred volunteers to register to donate blood and that in turn helped many parents to find appropriate donors with easy. While the website was in operation, it had received a lot of praise from thalassaemic patients and their relatives over the years. The website was discontinued when this service became available via the mobile network operators. FALIM would like to believe that the initiative taken by FALIM that paved the way for the service to be made available to the general public as a value added service on the mobile networks.

Service to Voluntary Bodies

In the year 2004, FALIM donated an Accounting Software – QuickBooks,  to Care Society, a voluntary association registered in the Maldives dedicated to community care and development. The value of the donation was worth MVR 40,000.

FALIM Tsunami Relief Support

The greatest contribution made by FALIM in its annals was to the National Disaster Management Centre in the aftermath of the Tsunami which struck the Maldives in December 2004. In co-operation with its Business Partner, M/S Island Pacific of USA, FALIM donated its flagship product Retail Pro to the Disaster Management Centre for maintaining the inventory of foreign aid which was received from the international community. The donation was valued at more than MRf 10 Million.

Contributions to Charity Programmes

In addition, FALIM continuously patronizes several charitable activities such as sports matches, music shows and similar events that are aimed at social development. Prominent activities include those in support of awareness regarding HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, etc.