Human Resources Development

As an employee centered organization FALIM has been always in the forefront to reach out to its employees in terms of providing benefits, facilities, training and development to its staff at the various companies. Salaries of staff are carefully classified and structured on a progressive scale in such a manner that each and every staff is adequately rewarded commensurate to their educational attainment and experience. In order to motivate each and every staff, several awards have been instituted at the corporate level.

Staff Welfare

Each and every employee at FALIM is entitled to receive a whole lot of benefits in addition to their salaries as part of the employment package. Prominent among the allowances and facilities being provided are:

  • Educational allowance for the highest attained educational qualification.
  • Progressive salary scales based on educational qualification, performance, and experience.
  • Company provided Accommodation and Food allowances for non- Male’ staff.
  • Company provided motor cycles and fuel allowance depending on the type of job.
  • Company provided mobile phones and phone allowance.
  • Ferry allowance for staff residing in Villingili, and Hulhumale’.
  • FALIM scholarships for dedicated staff who have completed at least one year of service.
  • Special Ramadan allowance.
  • Staff special loans and advances (conditions apply).

In addition, each staff is provided with an independent work station with a personal computer and phone line. The Admin/HR Department looks  after all the staff and attends to their special needs as and when they arise. Furthermore, staff also have the option to take up to a certain percentage of their salary in advance, apply for loans for selected purposes.

Staff Development

Staff training and development is given utmost emphasis at all of the companies under FALIM. Based on the need for training, staff are given generic and specialized training in various areas which are considered relevant for the staff as well as for the business interests of the company. The following categories of assistance are given to further train the staff at FALIM:

  • Full Scholarship (Local)
  • Partial Scholarship (Local)
  • Short term study loan
  • Overseas Scholarships