Our Aim and Purpose

To attain a consistent, continuous and sustained improvement of the company by means of clearly defined objectives (‘Management by Objectives’).

With the use of specific management objectives we ensure that all the services provided by FALIM and/or its subsidiaries:

  • are at all times well suited to the requirements of the market or rather to those of the customers directly;
  • are aimed to achieve a clear competitive advantage over our rivals;
  • are intended to maintain or increase outstanding product and service quality and thus contribute to protecting the company’s future,
  • can be provided more and more efficiently and economically, as well as free of defects
  • are delivered without incurring unwarranted indirect costs (e.g. damage to property, loss of time, etc.).

By setting up specific objectives FALIM makes sure on the other hand that    our staff will continue to:

  • play a vital role in the short and long-term development of the company;
  • be urged to consistently exceed average work performance;
  • be more comprehensively as well as  specifically assessed and rewarded.